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Time & Attendance Management Solution

Time Management SolutionsLeast seed expenses and Instant implementation
An advanced, accurate and user-friendly Time and Attendance management solution is devised for managing real-time and customizable attendance. The solution enables you to track and maintain record of each employee’s attendance in order to calculate the ‘attendance statuses for a specific duration of time. Easy report generation and easy-to understand calendar view of attendance sheet will offer all details regarding in-time, out-time, and total working hours, status and credit. Other vital modules like Leave Management solution and Payroll Management solution can also be integrated with this solution in order to achieve more functionality. In addition to simplifying the entire procure, the module also ensures features of accuracy and error-free processing.

Capabilities of the Time and Attendance Management Solution

An effortless way to maintain every employee’s attendance to ease out the process of checking and calculating the ‘attendance statuses for a particular period of time.

  • Shift Management
  • Saturday Off Management
  • List of Holidays – annual gezetted holidays
  • Time Office Policies
    • Number of Late Allowed in a month
    • Late Time Tolerance from shift – Late Penalties
    • Minimum number of presents required to avail leave
    • Working hours required for FULL Days / Half Day
    • Overtime Management – Overtime Credits
  • Manual Punch Entry – Approval Based
  • Credit Value Calculation on the basis:
    • First in Last Out Punch Data
    • Total working Hours / In Time

Time & attendance Management Solution

Unlimited data collection
Leveraging the potential of the latest technology, the management solution ensures rapid, accurate time and attendance data collection.

Enable multiple categories
The ease to manage complex schedules, set new attendance policies, record time-off balances and automate overtime offers enables easy calculation.

Easy exchange of data
Complete scope for smooth link of time and attendance data with existing Payroll management solution.

The time and attendance management solution is competent of incessantly measuring the total workforce productivity for required improvements.

Highly productive
The system promises to deliver accurate workforce data. The data is the most valued asset of any booming company that needs to read the data to gauge and improve its overall human resource productivity.

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