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Smart Card SolutionsRFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or Smart cards have tremendously exhorted the podium of network security through user identification. It is the most accurate Time attendance & access control system. With the potential to store enormous user data, and a mechanism to record a variety of service data events, RFIDs can be programmed for a number of applications. HumanLogics software is available with seamless integration of RFID to ensure enhanced service customization for security concerning services.

Capabilities of a RFID

  • RFID can store data such as profiles, balances, personal information.
  • RFID renders cryptographic services that include authentication, confidentiality, and integrity.
  • Set apart security-critical computations, including authentication, digital signatures, and key exchange from other parts of the system that don’t have a need to know.
  • Facilitates portability of credentials and other private information between computers placed at home, work or anywhere. It functions as a microcomputer.
  • Offer tamper-resistant storage to keep secure private keys and other kinds of personal information.
  • It is small, powerful, reliable and private security device.

Basic RFID security features include:

  • Memory encapsulation
  • Software
  • Security logic or sensors
  • Cryptographic coprocessors and random generator
  • Decoupling applications and operating system
  • Application separation (Java card)
  • Restricted file access
  • Fuses
  • Many cryptographic algorithms and protocols

RFID Applications

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