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Help Desk Management

HumanLogics not only provides the best HR modules to work with but also extends a highly innovative help desk to support both the HR professionals and employees to manage their tasks with full efficiency and handle requests with quick resolution.

An Innovative Support System: The help desk assists employees and managers to effectively handle the tasks such as assignment, resolution and notification required by:

  • Account Desk
  • Desktop Support
  • IT Support
  • Network Support
  • Desktop Support


HumanLogics has a very is a robust and innovative helpdesk tab with many utilities. These utilities help managers to manage employee e-mails and other queries. The system is deliberately built to allow your in-house support, sales, pre-sales, billing and internal IT departments to take and resolve employees’ concerns quickly.

Efficient Ticket Request System :
This web application has a widely acclaimed support ticket system that successfully combines and integrate the inquiries that users generate using web forms and emails. Using the utility, HR manager / Administrators can easily manage, archive and organize all the in-house responses and support requests and can respond to them accordingly.


Some of the very innovative features of the help desk include :


  • Easy-to-use interface both for technical and non-technical people.
  • Automatic project roadmap creation
  • User/group based permissioning and security features
  • Full text searching
  • Extensive filtering
  • Email schemes highly customizable
  • Compatible with every database
  • Easy reports and statistics