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HRMS Hardware DevicesIntegrating HumanLogics software with hi-tech hardware devices, couple its strengths and abilities. Not only these equipments add on to the management capabilities but also ensure stricter, quick and error-free management that is competent of reducing your company’s overall expenses. The professionals at our company will efficiently estimate and understand your requirements and pick the best access control device for your enterprise so that it remains rigged by the best security systems. In addition, installation, integration within the Time & Attendance System and its maintenance is our part of job.

The requisite of Access Control devices

Access control systems add the facility of maintaining strict control over people who can enter your premises, or systems. Typically, it procures multiple high-tech security systems that are employed for the purpose of exact identification, restricted access, and tracking. We help you install, integrate within the HumanLogics software, and maintain your access control systems, competently and smoothly.

Most Efficient Types of Devices


HRMS Biometric This really smart, sophisticated and user-friendly system provides instant and the safest way of recording attendance. With Biometric system, the HR personnel may easily record employees’ hours of working and site security. By integrating biometric solutions Time & Attendance software, your organization gets endowed with supreme level of security and quality of processes along with significant diminution in overall expenses. We take the complete onus of installing and maintaining your biometric machine integration. Read More…

Smart Card

HRMS Smart Card Our efficient Smart Card authentication system enhances the security level, accuracy and operational efficiency in the entire course of human resource planning. It is available with optional wi-fi support and in-built hardware and software. We take charge of the complete process of integrating SmartCards in your HumanLogics software so that you can take advantage of enhanced services for security concerning services. In addition, thorough training about its capabilities, features and functionality is also provided. Read More…

We Welcome Queries
Naturally, with the availability of thousands of access control systems and a whole variety of different system settings, you would have a number of queries. So, come, contact us and ask as many questions as you want. We are here to keep giving you valid answers till the time you don’t get it all.