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Fingerprint Device

Finger Print DeviceFingerprint scanning is the best biometric technology. Acting upon uniqueness in human fingerprints, it is seen as the most accurate Time & Attendance Device that promises high security, reliability, no proxy and error-free attendance system. Our Fingerprint Device integrated with our Time & Attendance software will facilitate the human resource department with employee attendance records. It helps in streamlining the attendance system across all employee groups and reduces the cost while bringing in more transparency. In addition, enhanced security and quality of processes with considerable reduction in total expenses is guaranteed. The system manages and monitors access rights for the entire workforce, centralizes authentication for portal applications along with the use of external partner applications to facilitate efficient administration.

How does it work?

System settings:Right from the process of component installation to fulfilling the responsibility of maintenance, we do it all to enable you with proactive management. In addition, thorough information on features and functionality of enabling and disabling of system alerts are provided.

Add: Add a machine or device by giving information regarding its Name, device IP, device port No., device number, comm. Password.

Users: This is a list of employees enabled to use the machine. It carries details regarding their name, enroll No: and privilege.

Manage: Complete Machine Management such as turning the machine on/ off or restarting can be carried through the software. An HR can easily manage Machine logging manually through the application effortlessly. Also, admin panel enjoys the facility of accessing and editing Machine Data anytime which mainly comprises of User Capacity, Log Capacity, Finger Print Capacity, Product Serial No, User Count, Log Count, Finger Print Count etc.

In addition to this, we are also well equipped with the ability of implementing other multiple machines attachments to the software and providing complete raw user information.

Measurable Benefits with Fingerprint Devices

  • Quick and easy to install, without any requirement of hardware components.
  • Ease of maintaining employee records like overtime and work schedules.
  • Highly affordable and helpful in reducing expense by eliminating the need of password management and other pricey tools ensuring organization’s security.
  • Built upon rigid-to-breach, IT and digital technology.
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