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Device Management

The efficiency and capabilities of any Human Resource Management software depends upon the devices it uses for storing and maintaining the information database. With HumanLogics software, we ensure that all the devices integrated within the system, function properly, without any scope for errors. Device management is an entire process of multiple actions, taken in order to maintain tight grip over the collection, maintenance and use of User Data information.

Capabilities ensured under Device Management System

  • Addition of a new Machine (Set as Master / Slave) (Set In / Out Type)
  • User Data Replicate from Master to Slave
  • User Registration into application through Master Device
  • Restart Device / Power OFF
  • Clear Raw Punch Data
  • Manage User Data from Application

We Promise to Deliver on:

Our experts will help you understand each and every action of the machine. In addition to installing the machine within your system, the experts will also take the responsibility of explaining its mechanism in detail. Information about its capabilities and ways to make the most of those capabilities is also provided by our professional team.

  • Selection of technically fit devices
  • Proper installation of the devices
  • Seamless integration within the Parent Software
  • Correct connectivity between the machines
  • Accurate and trouble-free functionality
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In order to gain more insights on Device management system, please get in touch with us. Our experts enjoy serving clients who wish to get into the details of the product, before making a decision.