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Collaboration Management

HumanLogics comprises a very innovative and user friendly Collaboration Management module that helps HR managers to streamline a number of functions such as job postings and reviewing resumes. The module also helps to improvise the mechanism to reduce the time spent by HR staff on the queries with low priority. The module also helps to streamline the performance reviews and goal settings.

Performance and Appraisals Notes: HumanLogics has an easy-to-use and customized module for performance and appraisal management. The very innovative appraisal module enables HR managers and Managers to add appraisal notes during a respective period for which you are planning to appraise your personnel. The module further helps managers to finish pre-appraisal assessment KPI measurement before appraisals.

Goal Integration With Performance:
The module tracks the employee’s performance and aligns result with individual performance with said business motives.

Employee Self Appraisal:
The module notifies employees about the appraisal and asks them to furnish certain information such as primary job responsibilities and acceptable standards.

KRA Management: The very unique HumanLogics module informs administration and higher management about the key responsibility areas such as recruitment, training, leave management and performance evaluation. It accommodates a straight access to the basic responsibility areas of an HR manager. These areas include:

  • Introducing clear and transparent HR Policies
  • Making policies to tackle complex and crisis situations
  • Ensuring a skill based team of recruitment specialists
  • Putting effective HR Plan in place
  • Manpower planning and budgeting
  • Updating HR policies as per organizational compliances

The Collaboration Management modules also help HR managers track the achievements of employees on the basis of assignments and level of accomplishments. Using the module, managers can communicate with employees and decision makers to ensure better business alignment.